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LV Live has found a new home inside one of Vegas’ hidden jewels. 172 Live is tucked in the back of the RIO All Suites Hotel Casino on the 2nd Floor. 172 Live Music venue and restaurant boasts a ‘state-of-the-art’ sound & light system. While being entertained, you will be basking in an art-infused interior decor taking you through decades of talented artist.

172 provides access to the artists in an intimate, up close, and personal experience, while enjoying upscale cuisine and craft cocktails from around the world. 172 also features elevated fusion dining highlighted by their amazing sushi selection, making it the perfect place to have dinner with craft cocktails and listen to live music.

WHY IS THE VENUE CALLED 172 (One Hundred and Seventy Two)?

When volcanoes erupt, they make a loud noise. No explosion has ever matched the one that occurred in 1883 on the island of Krakatoa. The volcanic eruption there registered the loudest sound ever recorded on the planet.

The sound was so incredibly loud that it circled the earth four times and registered 172 on the decibel scale, which was recorded over 100 milesaway.

Standing in the middle of the 290-capacity venue, you will be beneath a large circular, retractible open-air sky dome which enables an autumn breeze to circulate the room. That is just one of the venues many distinctive features.


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